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April 18 2013

Open Doors Event 

Profesional Career:


The health care needs of Europeans are changing rapidly. With their ageing population, survey results suggest that, people across Europe are voting with their feet for more holistic, integrated and natural ways of maintaining and optimising their present health status. Along the way many are discovering chiropractic, which prides itself on providing a conservative model of care without the use of drugs or surgery.


Chiropractic is becoming increasingly involved in the health care systems of European countries. The excellent results experienced by many patients and documented in quality research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals have helped to generate an increased demand for the services provided by qualified chiropractors.


Spain is no exception. While in countries like the USA and Australia, there is one chiropractor for every 3,500 inhabitants, Spain has only one chiropractor for every 370,000 inhabitants. This situation provides a great career opportunity to those who are prepared to work towards becoming a fully qualified chiropractor.


Now it is possible for YOU to study Chiropractic!


Are you at a critical point in your life?

Do you have any idea how you want to live your life?

What is it that motivates you?

Do you want to help other people?

Do you want to travel?


You too can realize your dreams and know where you want to go.  Come and chat with us and find your path.




On Thursday 18th April at 19:30 hrs we invite you to our practice at Centro Quiropráctico Nilsson in Alfaz del Pí, Plaza Balduino I de Bélgica for you to learn how you can be part of a global profession which is bucking the trends of the global crisis.



Your future begins today!  Reserve your place by calling: 965889303 or by email at: alfas@centroquiropracticonilsson.com




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